What is the difference between Ballet and Creative Movers? 

The fundamental elements of dance are balance, strength, flexibility, coordination and musicality. Younger children learn these elements best through structured, active play. While both classes excel in instructing these elements, Ballet will use classical music and students will be required to wear the traditional ballet slippers and tights. Creative movers classes will be danced barefoot and use a variety of contemporary and world music styles. Choosing between the two should be based on your child’s preference, as they will get the same level of instruction in both. CCDC encourages new students to try both classes before finalizing your registration.

Why do we need to have a uniform? 

Students work best when they are present in class in consistent, similar clothing.  When everyone is wearing the same uniform, it is easier to focus on the dance work, and not be distracted by trying to make a personal fashion statement. The uniform is chosen so that the teacher may best observe and correct the students’ movements. The component pieces of the various CCDC uniforms are easily available, and reasonably priced, and we encourage families to share and swap gently used, clean dancewear to help keep costs down.

Why do we need to purchase our tap shoes from a dancewear store instead of Payless shoes or Walmart?

The metal taps on the bottom of the shoes that are available at general retailers are not designed for consistent performance in sound quality or wear. This will make it harder for your child to achieve the necessary tap sounds, and may cause discomfort. In the past, our specialized dance floors have been scuffed up by these low-quality shoes as the nails that are put in the tap shoes often are crooked and dig pieces out of the floors. Contrary to popular myth, dancewear stores DO carry affordable, comparably priced tap shoes; please ask our office staff for help in finding a dancewear store for your shoe purchases!

Why is dance a great way to keep your kids active?

Being active keeps us all healthy and dance is an excellent activity for boys and girls; it’s very physical, and is excellent at expending your childrens’ seemingly endless energy. It teaches spatial awareness, body confidence, and nutures creativity and emotional expression. It is also incredibly fun and the shared experience of dance develops lasting friendships among the children. Dance can be done once a week or more, and we encourage students to try as many styles as they are interested in.