Upcoming Special Events at CCDC! - Christmas Windows ~ Saturday December 1st 2018

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Christmas Windows - Important Information:

To all performers:

Here are a few details to help us all enjoy the day!

Please make sure you know the time of your performance

You should arrive 15 minutes before hand to get ready and be in costume and character

All dancers will go directly to their assigned windows - do not meet at the studio

Please have all hair neatly tied back and off the performers face. JR ITP, INT ITP and INT DTP’s need to have hair in a low pony, low bun or french braids as they wear hats. Do this at home before you come - each station will have touch up hair stuff for any last minute frizz.

Please be sure to sign the media release form before the day of the performance. We will need to have this for you to participate. You can find these sheets on the front desk.

While your child is in performance please do not hang out in the stores unless you are shopping. The stores are kindly donating the space for us to perform. We want to be able to revisit next year.

There will be one person assigned to each window as your contact. These people are there to assist your child with costumes and will be in charge of music. When you arrive to the window please let them know who you are.