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Boys and girls are introduced to foundations of ballet in a creative, playful environment. Skipping, balance, storytelling through dance, and ballet basics are covered. Each class size limited to 12 students.

Pre-School ballet 1 (ages 3 years) 
Pre-School ballet 1/2 (ages 3 & 4 years)
Pre-School ballet 2 (ages 4 years) 

30 - 45 minute classes




This class uses elements of movement that compliment the natural shapes made by our bodies. Disciplined yet playful, this form of dance will focus on creating open minds and bodies for future dance forms. Creating movement through storytelling, use of props, and stimuli such as visual art and a variety of musical styles. A great start for the young artist inside us all.

Creative Movers 1/2 (ages 3 & 4 years)

45 minute classes




Traditional classical ballet has much to offer the young dancer; posture, grace, and musicality are just a few of the many benefits. Children will explore a range of motion building strength and flexibility and through directed improvisation the dancers will enhance their creative minds. We used the RAD/Royal Academy of Dance syllabus for our ballet training and adjudication. 

Pre Primary ballet (ages 5 & 6 years)
Primary Ballet (ages 7 & 8 years)
Ballet 1 (ages 9-12  years)

60 minute classes




Modern dance classes promote the joy of physical expression, and the relationship between sound and music to movement. Classes emphasize the creative and technical aspects of the art form, and often feature musical accompaniment by a live musician. Classes include warm-up exercises to prepare the body for movement, and choreographic instruction that develops coordination, posture, strength, athleticism, imagination, and artistry. The focus is on the artistic potential of new dancers and their development and passion for the art form. 

Primary Modern (ages 5 & 6 years)
Modern 1 (ages 7 & 8 years)
Modern 2/3 (ages 9+)

60 minute classes




A lively form of movement which is accompanied by current music in styles such as r&b, dance/electronic, jazz, pop, and latin music. Jazz classes will have a strong technical base with body-safe stretching and strengthening exercises. Each class will end with a combination of the material taught throughout each class. These classes will appeal to those who like to move to the funky beats of the latest dance hits! 

Primary Jazz (ages 5 — 6 years)
Jazz 1 (ages 7— 8 years)
Jazz 2 (ages 9 — 10 years)
Jazz 3 (ages 11 — 12 years)
Jazz 4 (ages 13+ years)

60 minute classes




Tap those toes! Shuffle your feet! Get rhythm! This fabulous form of dance has students creating their own rhythms and exploring the many sounds of tap shoes and getting a great physical workout. All tap classes will include a strong technical base, an improvisational section, and a combination to conclude each class. The expression and creativity found within a tap dancer is driven by the urge not only to dance, but also to create musical rhythms! 

Primary Tap (ages 5 & 6 years)
Tap 1 (ages 7 — 8 years)
Tap 2 (ages 9 — 10 years)
Tap 3 (ages 11+)
Boys Tap* (ages 10+ years)
Adult Tap (age 18+ years)

*(Boys are welcome in any tap class)

60 minute classes




A fun and athletic way to enjoy dance; Hip-Hop will challenge your coordination and fine motor skills. Students will move and groove to the musical styles of funk, rap, R+B, and electronic beats. All music will be child friendly and free of explicit content! Each class will start with a warm-up for strength and stretch as well as isolated activities. Hip-Hop will also explore travelling for spatial awareness and innovative dance games. Each class will finish off with a combination to hone the dancers’ ability to learn new movement quickly. 

Primary Hip Hop (ages 5 & 6 years)
Hip Hop 1 (ages 7 — 8 years)
Hip Hop 2 (ages 9 & 10 years)
Teen Hip Hop (ages 13+ years)

60 minutes classes




Acro Dance combines dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Its athletic character, unique choreography, and use of acrobatics in a dance context are what distinguish this unique class. This program is designed for dancers who want to increase their flexibility, control, and strength. Dancers will be shown how to execute acrobatic movements properly and safely. 

Primary Acro (ages 5 — 6 years)
Acro 1 (ages 7 — 8 years)
Acro 2/3 - ( ages 9+ years)
Levels 1 & 2 must take another class for strength and conditioning

60 minute classes


All of our Teen Programs are offered to Ages 13+

Teen Fit
Teen Lyrical
Teen Hip Hop